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Below is a small selection of products recently manufactured by P.E.L. Click on any of the images to view the full size version.


A small automatic line for electroless copper plating of printed circuit boards. The line uses a small, fully enclosed, cantilever style of transporter. This type of transporter, along with its automatic control system, is often fitted to existing manually operated lines to give fully automated operation


A small line for ultrasonically cleaning small components. This line also uses the small cantilever transporter. In this case the entire line is enclosed, with the work baskets entering and leaving the line on roller conveyors.


A manually operated line for the electrophoretic coating of door fittings. The line uses chemistry supplied by Xontal Ltd. The work, carried on flight bars with racks, is moved through the line using a manually operated overhead hoist.


A large automatic nickel plating line, equipped with 16 nickel plating cells, for the nickel plating of coins. The work is carried in rigs fitted with four barrels, each barrel carrying an 80 Kg load. The load is weighed and fed into the barrels automatically.


A barrel plating line for the copper plating of coins. Each rig is fitted with a single barrel carrying a load of 130 Kg. Again, the load is weighed and fed into the barrels automatically. Also, the shelf design of the barrels allows them to be emptied and fed into an off-line drying system totally automatically


Another coin plating installation, for copper and nickel plating. Shown on the left while under construction, and on the right in operation.



A small, two transporter, line for nickel and tin plating on ceramic components. The components are carried in small twin barreled rigs.



A line for electrophoretic coating, installed in a clean, air-conditioned environment to prevent dust deposits.



A transporter and automation system, entirely controlled using an LCD touch-screen, fitted to a customer's existing plating line.



An installation consisting of five manually operated rack type cleaning and electroplating lines for the manufacture of RF shielding components at the new facility in Scotland of Instrument Specialties Inc.