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Plating Equipment is the sole UK agent for Tscherwitschke
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The Company

Tscherwitschke is one of the leading companies in Europe involved in the manufacture of barrels for electroplating equipment and exhaust systems. The company was founded in 1961 by Richard Tscherwitschke and is located near Stuttgart in Germany. In 1991 an additional company was established by his son Andreas Tscherwitschke in Gerichshain near Leipzig.


Personal identification with the product, technical expertise and an understanding of customer needs has helped the company to become a market leader for the supply of barrel electroplating equipment. Tscherwitschke is a company with a highly motivated staff of 60 people who work together to achieve one goal: Highest Quality.


The Products

Barrel electroplating equipment - Tscherwitschke offer an extensive and innovative product range for barrel plating. Over 30 year's experience is the basis for highest quality and sophisticated technology. The equipment can be used for processing loads from 0.1kg up to 1000kg in electroplating, bulk cleaning and phosphating applications.

Exhaust air purification units - Tscherwitschke design, manufacture and assemble complete exhaust air purification units. The units are made of durable plastic materials and are suitable for volume flows from 700 cubic metres per hour to 44000 cubic metres per hour.