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Plating Equipment Ltd (P.E.L) are dedicated to the design and production of fully-modular plating equipment for the surface engineering and printed circuit industries

The P.E.L management structure means that our collective experience in printed circuit manufacture, surface engineering, precious metals deposition, project management, control systems development, and associated technologies ensures efficient team work from sales to servicing

These specialist teams control every aspect of the manufacture of manual and automatic systems in partnership with our customers, enabling them to achieve affective production integration. To support this, close liaison is maintained with major chemical suppliers, especially during the critical plant specification stage.

Equipment design is constantly reviewed and enhanced to incorporate the latest systems and our software engineering has secured a leading edge in the field of mechanical handling and process technology


P.E.L design and manufacture manual and automatic equipment to customer specification for electroplating, phosphating, anodising, chemical cleaning and milling, electrophoretic coating - in fact almost any surface coating production technique.

Systems range from small laboratory-sized units for prototyping or batch production through to fully automated, high volume, continuous cycle lines.

Development work with special projects in the metal finishing industry has enabled us to build particular areas of expertise such as the handling and plating of coin blanks. Significant among our many achievements is the design and manufacture of the world's largest barrel line for coin plating. Add to this loading and drying systems, fume extraction, enclosed transporters, ultrasonics, filtration, waste treatment, heat exchangers and rectification through electronic power supplies - in short, we can arrange a complete package for customers operating single source projects.

Continuous development, and its implementation in equipment control systems, provides direct customer benefits.

High speed modems link our software engineers with customers anywhere in the world, enabling them to perform diagnostics and program downloads with the minimum of inconvenience. Constant changes in PC's and PLC's integrated into our control systems are closely monitored and upgraded to provide optimum management of the production cycle.

In addition to the design and production of surface engineering systems, the company also supplies the printed circuit board manufacturing industry worldwide.

Recent advances include the introduction of automatic lines with vibrating flight bars and specialist pulse plating equipment which is of particular interest to PCB manufacturers.